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Our Thai Kitchen

In our little corner of Cheltenham, the Railway kitchen stands like a warm, inviting hearth. Our mission is simple: to bring the rich, diverse flavours of Thailand to your table. Imagine, as you taste our dishes, the sensation of traveling through Thailand itself. Each bite is a step through bustling Bangkok, serene Chiang Mai, hearty Korat, and sunlit Phuket.


Our chefs craft each dish with love and authenticity. They follow recipes passed down through generations, ensuring each meal is a genuine piece of Thai heritage.


Join us at The Railway and let us take you on a flavourful journey through the heart of Thailand. Here, every dish is a story, every flavour a memory.


Thailand’s Regional Food

In the Central Plains, where Bangkok thrives, the food bursts with the heat of chili, the sweetness of palm sugar, and the saltiness of fish sauce. Street vendors line the avenues, their offerings vibrant and diverse.

Heading north to Chiang Mai, the cuisine becomes earthy and robust, reflecting the region’s fertile lands and communal spirit. The flavours here are a blend of herbs and spices, creating dishes that speak of tradition and community.


In the northeastern Isaan, the food is bold and direct, mirroring the intensity of its climate. Spicy salads and robust meats, seasoned with fermented fish sauce, dominate the tables, accompanied by sticky rice served in woven baskets.


Travel south to the coastal provinces, where the sea shapes the food. The dishes here, infused with coconut milk and turmeric, are rich and fragrant. The cuisine is fresh and bright, reflecting the sparkling waters and tropical climate.


Each region’s unique flavours reveal the heart and soul of Thailand, painting a vivid picture of its diverse culture and culinary heritage.




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